SIROLaser..The compact laser

Sirolaser High-Tech and compact ...

The use of lasers will have an increasingly important role in dentistry in the future. The practical, state-of-the-art technology incorporated in the SIROLaser ensures that the patient gets the best of the dental treatment.

1. Applications in endodontics:
Endodontic treatment requires particularly high standards of hygiene. The SIROLaser also effectively reduces germs and bacteria – even in areas difficult to access like the dentinal tubule of the root canal. As a comparison, standard chemical solutions actively reduce germs up to 100 μm, whereas lasers are effective up to 1000 μm.


2. Applications in periodontology:
As an adjunct to conventional treatment, the SIROLaser is used during periodontal treatment to reduce germs and bacteria – even in gingival pockets. The SIROLaser is also suitable for gingiva forming.


3. Applications in surgery:
The SIROLaser can be used in surgery for optimum treatment of hidden implants and teeth, labial and lingual frena. Use of the SIROLaser accelerates the healing process considerably. Other advantages of the SIROLaser in surgery are:

  • High precision during surgery
  • Precise tissue removal
  • Minimum damage to the surrounding tissue
  • Minimum trauma bleeding, ensuring a better view of the operating site
  • Effective protection against infection
  • Minimum scar formation
  • Reduction of the need for anesthesia
  • Virtually no postoperative wound pain


4.Free Applications
The SIROLaser can also be used in the treatment of oral Ulcers in just a matter of seconds!

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